Important information


Functioning of the reading rooms in Vincennes:

The Louis XIV’s reading room opens on the following days: Monday: 1pm- 5pm/ Tuesday to Thursday: 9am- 5pm/ Friday: 9am- 4pm/ Saturday: 9.30am- 3pm

You must book your session before consulting a document, via the website (tab “my personal space”/ rubric “my online procedures”)

It is now possible to reserve up to 10 articles per session according to the following layout: 10 INDIVIDUAL FILES PER SESSION or 5 CARDBOARDS (maximum) and 5 INDIVIDUAL FILES. See more information.


Relocation and redeployment of funds and collections held at the Vincennes site from October 2022:

A number of funds held at the SHD site in Vincennes are being transferred to other SHD centres and sites. Find the list of funds affected by these moves.


Requests for guidance and reproduction of documents:

Evolution of the Heritage Code brought about by Article 25 of the Law of 30 July 2021 on the Prevention of Acts of Terrorism and Intelligence (or PATR Law): discover the new conditions of access to classified archives


Opening of archives on the Algerian War:

The archive opening decree related to the Algerian War of 22/12/2021 now allows the consultation, before the expiry of the deadlines provided for in Article L. 213-2 of the Heritage Code, of the files related to the Algerian War concerned by this decree.

Last modification on 11/01/2023